After watching Academy award-winning “Juno” for the first time on Friday (which I recommend buying on DVD because the extras are exquisite. I especially enjoyed the deleted scene in which Ellen Page’s character is playing a song in a cafe about the conception of her baby with Michael Cera’s character) I decided to look up some interviews with its characters, because I find Michael Cera (Superbad) and Jason Bateman (Arrested Development) to be comedic geniuses. I stumbled upon an interview with Cera on David Letterman:

in which MIchael Cera discusses his inability to eat sandwiches properly and childhood telephonic escapades. In this interview he also mentions a mini series he started with his friend Clark Duke, aptly titled “Clark and Michael”.

I somehow overlooked this amazing show (Clark and Michael) in the past. I diligently sat through all ten, 7 to 12 minute-long episodes, which are available streaming online at their website: and I was transfixed the entire time. Their brand of humor is refreshing and I loved every second of it. It’s “mockumentary” style rivals NBC’s “The Office”. Definitely worth checking out. So please do. Also check out Michael Cera and Jason Bateman in their now, unjustly truncated sitcom Arrested Development, which streams for free on