Note: Let me first apologize. It may have seemed as if i have lapsed in my thought-a-days, but I would never do something so egregious. I put the majority of the blame on the weird-ass clock that WordPress employs. I believe it is synced to GMT, and the time stamps and date stamps are off (for me anyway). Is there a way to change it? Probably, but if it isn’t blatantly obvious then I’m not taking my time to figure it out. I am a loyal blogger, and honestly it is still June 17th, here in California.

Also also also, I have decided to start actually titling my thought of the day posts abandoning banality for creativity. I feel like I’d be a hypocrite if I did not. All my thoughts of the day will still be categorized in the “Chris’ Thought of the Day” link at the bottom of page so you’ll be able to tell the difference between my “thought of the days” and my other prolix ramblings.With that said, prepare for to be edified by your favorite bloviating luminary

Here is a little quote i came up with recently, that i thought described the human condition quite accurately.

“We’ve convinced ourselves that we’ve come so far from dragging our knuckles on the ground, but we’re just dragging them on the asphalt and concrete now.”

Metaphorically of course. I’ve never actually seen someone idiotic enough to drag their fingers across that hardened tar. I feel like some people are so convinced that we’re so different from the knuckle-dragging troglodytes that preceded us thousands of years ago. when really, we are just more advanced models, purged of a couple vestigial organs, ridden of a couple of faulty genes eradicated by nature. We still have that animal part of us that we cannot control. Well lets not generalize. There are people who can control their animal instincts, but their mere presence makes us still fundamentally animal. The fact that we can control our instincts is what makes us human. It is our definition.

I also found this barely relevant cartoon that I thought was slightly funny.