A picture says a thousand words, but frankly, a thousand words wouldn’t even begin to describe the prodigious amount of stupidity one would need to do something this dumb.

I know what you’re saying, “Hey Chris this might have just been a horrible ‘accident’.” Yeah it was horrible and it was an accident, but what makes it interesting is that the 28 year-old driving the vehicle -get this, fell asleep at the wheel.

OK, it’s like- what? broad daylight? Who the hell falls asleep at the wheel at 2 in the afternoon? Take the bus you drunk.

His car plowed into 11 bicyclists on a highway near the US-Mexico border killing one and injuring 10… There are natural disasters that don’t even get that kind of rap sheet!

Forget “don’t drive drunk”, don’t drive if you are moron who likes to take naps midday .