As much as everyone loves reading defamatory articles about unfortunate cultural icons, I suppose we should perhaps start treating this blog, to some extent, like a blog. So in this entry I will make public all my weekend’s happenings, in lurid detail.

This Weekend I went to go see Death Cab for Cutie in concert with guest, Rogue Wave at the Greek Theater in Berkeley California. For the large percent of the population that has no idea who Rogue Wave is; simply put, they are the band that does that song from that one Zune commercial (which is one of my favorites), you know the one with the giant dancing peeps.

Death Cab, being one of the bands on my list of “bands to see before I die,” did not disappoint. They played several of my favorites including “Expo ’86” and “The Sound of Settling”. The played a 4 song encore in which they closed with “Transatlanticism,” which became my favorite of the night. All in all it was a good concert, ranking in the top three I’ve been too, despite the exceptionally tone deaf adolescent girls directly behind me and my company.

Now I must go, the water in my fishes fishbowl is frightening low. Frightening not because I feel that my betta fish is in any danger but because I know that all that water evaporated into my air supply.