There has been a disturbing precedent amongst the bloggers of our site: All our introductions begin with revolting tales of our birth.

Rather than describe in vivid detail the true story of my 14 hour tug-of-war with a team of veteran German doctors which resulted in my birth, I’ll talk about who I am and why I want to contribute to this blog.

My name is David. I have ridiculously ambitious dreams and fantasies but have accepted that reality can only be seen through the lenses of pessimism. I have a foot in three different cultures: Argentinian, Korean and American. However, I’m sure that some of you will be quick to point out that I only have two feet so thus my previous statement is absurd. Well… touché.

I’ve tried to understand the world around me but it proved to be harder than I thought. I am convinced that I have at some point discovered all the answers of the universe but that my memory has failed me. What’s the point of finding out the deepest and most fundamental secrets of the universe only to forget it the next day?

I am hoping that I can use this blog to record things of significance or things with entertainment value that I can refer back to in the future. Yeah… so that means I won’t be funny all the time but so what? You’ve got 4 other men here that are on top of that.

(That’s what she said)