5 Reasons Why Miami WILL win a Championship in 2011

Our brother blog, http://dappledawndrawn.wordpress.com, has recently posted a well-thought out and declarative article stating 5 reasons why the Miami Heat will not win the NBA championship in 2011. This post has enraged me, engaged me, and ENTICED me to respond with 5 counter points to each one of his reasons. This is not meant to be personal, David Lee, only HEATed.

Lebron Wade Bosh

1. The Heat have no center.

Many bloggers have made this point when it comes to placing obstacles in Miami Thrice’s path to 8 (LeBron said it, not me) NBA Championships. Our friend Mr. Lee has made the claim that recent NBA champions have had above average Centers on their rosters (Bynum, Perkins, D-Howard). Even when the Heat won in 2006, they did so with the Big Diesel patrolling the paint. I do not underestimate the effect that a decent Center can have on a basketball team from an offensive, and more importantly defensive perspective; however, lets consider the Chicago Bulls dynasty. During the course of their dynasty and most importantly during their juggernaught years of the late ’90s, Luc Longley was their starting Center. Who? That is Mr. Longley of the career 7.2 points 4.9 rebounds averages fame. Similarily, the San Antonio Spurs during their run of multiple championships employed Centers named Nazr Mohammed and Rasho Nesterovic, aka Zo’s Summer Poose. This era of Basketball only accentuates the lack of importance a Center has (there are so few in the league that Perkins is considered a premium big man) and thus, with the Heat’s draft pick up of Dexter Pittman and already serviced Joel Anthony the Heat will be more than fine at the position.

2. Wade, Bosh and LeBron will have to modify the instincts they’ve developed in the past 7 years.

While it is true that these three kings have each had to carry the load for their team, so to speak, for their entire careers it is not instincts that are wrought from such a mindset. All three players have played together through TEAM USA, and there was not one issue that arose regarding their inability to share the basketball or work as an equal member of the team (and remember TEAM USA had 12 All-Stars, not 3). Let’s look at the Big 3 in Boston: Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce have each been the focal point of their respective teams’ offense for most of their career yet seemlessly integrated in Boston’s offense. David is right, these superstars will need to adjust from taking hard shots when it is not necessary, but like the Big 3, they can figure that out pretty quickly.

3. Lakers, Celtics and Magic

The Celtics are done. We’ve seen what D-Wade can do by himself vs Boston (nearly win 2 playoff games). We’ve seen what LeBron can do by himself (nearly win 2 playoff games) vs Boson. And you throw in CB1 to counter KG’s progressively limited offensive game, and I think you have an easy series. The Magic are a strong group but as we’ve seen for the past three years they are not built to win in the playoffs. While they have the best big man in the game (Dwight Howard) it is clear you need a frount court player to shoulder the scoring load during crunch time minutes and Jameer Nelson and Vincesanity are clearly not the men for the job.

That brings us to the Lakers, and while I will shy away from saying that it will be an easy series to win, I think we can all agree that it will be a close group of games that can swing anyway. If Ray Allen can harass Kobe to the degree he did in the 2010 Finals, there is no reason D-Wade or LeBron can be even more effective in 2011. Pau Gasol will be evenly countered with CB1 and LeBron can easily outproduce Artest AND Odom in the playoffs. From then on issues like Bynum’s health and the bench will take precedent.

4. Bench

And speaking about the bench, there is one ultimate truth in the playoffs and that is that bench importance is marginal at best. ALL NBA teams limit their rotation in the playoffs to 8 men. That means exactly 3 bench players will be utilized during the Playoffs. The Heat have already filled out 2 of the 3 (Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller) which if you consider their level of play, will be a POSITIVE come playoff time, certainly not a hindrance.

5. Championships are still REALLY hard to win

Let’s repeat this sentiment: Championships are REALLY hard to win. It is true, it is why Boston’s Big 3 has only won one championship, and why Kobe and Shaq’s Lakers didn’t win every championship they played together in. Certainly the Lakers are a pretty young team that will be formidable for the coming years. However; at same point lucky bounces have to give way to desire. When the Heat won in 2006, any lucky bounces were dictated by the will and desire of Dwayane Wade.

To that effect, look at Chris Bosh. He’s been deprived of advancing past the first round of the playoffs for his entire career. He’s had to listen to his best friends talk about the thrills of Championship chasing yet finally has the opportunity to chase his own. Look at Dwayane Wade now. What’s the last image South Florida had him? Screaming at his hand in raw emotion during the playoffs when he was etching his name in Playoff lore.. a lore that ends in the first round of the playoffs yet again. You don’t think he wants something more? Now LeBron James. Look into his eyes at any given point during any interview or welcome ceremony he’s been in. This is a man who has sacrificed EVERYTHING to statiate his desire and to enforce his will.

Am I saying I expect to win 8 consecutive championships? Not really. But I can’t believe any of these men will let a “lucky bounce” get in the way of a Championship.


18 Responses

  1. 5 thought out reasons. I like em a lot. They are also my favorites to win a few rings in the next 6 years. They’re gonna be on highlight reels at least every other game. Good post!

  2. We should tape a podcast.

  3. good post

  4. Your arguments against these reasons are pretty poor. Yes the heat will be extremely good, but people already calling them champions is pretty absurd.

  5. You fail to mention that in San Antonios case they had one of the greatest if not the greatest power forward in nba history in duncan. And the bulls had a 7 foot bill wennington who was extremely serviceable. Oh and they had solid role players and rebounders (rodman) who went after the ball and boxed out (same as the spurs). Do you think Haslem (who I will concede is a hussle-hard type of player) is going to be able to box out the likes of other bigs in the nba? And if you think Mike Miller who has been injury plagued the last few years will remain healthy than so be it. But I guarantee the minutes that these guys are going to put on during the regular season will add up come playoff time, and they may get gassed. Bosh is soft as baby whipes in the paint, and I guarantee the likes of Bynum, Perkins, and Howard will abuse him. Bosh hasn’t even sniffed past the first round, is he mentally going to be ready for that big stage and big moment when he has been cooped up in Toronto his whole career. Whats to happen when D Wade or Bron may miss a shot with the game on the line, whose going to take that shot when it matters. These are the many questions and doubts that come to mind when talking about this heat team. I give them two seasons before they become formidable based upon gaining a bench and learning to play together. And your actually going to base your argument on the ball bouncing their way (luck) at some point? Cmon…

    • Mr. Hype, first I want to thank you for posting your thoughts on the blog.

      Second: it’s game time. I dare not include Chris Bosh in the same breath that I would describe Tim Duncan; however, my aim was to show how SA’s Center issues were covered up by other great players. Similarily, from a defensive standpoint, both D-Wade and LeBron are known to attack the paint from the weakside and help out their big man the way Duncan would help out his Centers. Furthermore, if your idea of Mr. Wennington being serviceable includes 10 minutes a game of 2 rebounds and 4 points and less than a block a game (his averages), then I think the Heat will have no problem finding a serviceable Center.

      Haslem HAS proven he can box out other bigs in the game- that’s why he averages 8 boards a game. In the 2006 Final, he neutralized Dirk on the boards and pestered him effectively on defense to make a difference.

      You’re right… the regular season will take a toll on the Miami Thrice, and I fear for D-Wade’s health in that regard. However; we don’t know the level of effort they’ll have to put in game in and game out with such dependable players on the floor. If they can run up the score on the lower 10 of the league they’d considerably be able to take a game a week off.

      2 seasons to be formidable? Impossible. These are professional basketball players with experience playing with each other. While we may get abused by a gifted offensive center, Wade and LeBron will abuse any wing combination in the league hands down. D Wade and Bron pass up a lot of late game shots if they find an open player- if one of them misses, they’ll shake it off like they’ve been used to for the past 7 years.

  6. Whoever wrote this, you really need to start actually watching the NBA. At least read a book for fucks sake.

    Your arguments are terrible. You could have saved a lot of time and just said

    1. Because!!
    2. Good players are lucky!!
    3. Who needs a center when your SF and SG can play good defense!!
    4. Boston is done!! They have everyone except Tony Allen from last year!! But I think they’re all gonna have heart attacks this year and forget to play defense!!!
    5. The Heat are gonna win the title because LeBron told us so!! YAY!!!!!!!!

    You’re a tard is basically what I’m trying to say here.

    What are you gonna right about next? Why the Suns have dominated the past decade because of their awesome all offense no defense style of play.

    This team wont win just because James and Wade play good defense and can “help their centers”. If they are playing help defense who the fuck is covering their man?

    • Oh yeah and Haslem is a turd. He has the body of Charles Barkley and the talent of Kwame Brown.

    • What’s up with all the foul language, dude get a life. You sound really upset, you must be from cleveland or chicago or NY. You must be some punk ass bitch who likes to sound tuff behind the key board. Bitch get a life !

      • I used the word fuck twice. What do you mean all the foul language?

        You wrote two sentences and managed to call me a bitch twice.

    • I’m torn between taking your argument seriously and just reading lines like “Udonis Haslem is a turd” and just metaphorically sticking my own apendage into the inner, often-abused caverns of your anus until I can extract the mesh of crumpled aluminum foil that your mother has led you to believe is your cervello.

      But I digress, you just said Udonis Haslem has the body of Charles Barkley (he’s taller and much skinnier) and the skills of Kwame Brown (he doubles Kwame’s career avgs), and I just can’t fathom why an individual would hate on Udonis. Is your name actually Mark Cuban???

      But no, seriously, help defense in the NBA (that’s where these teams play basketball) includes not leaving your man to simply help another, but having an entire defense rotate when you leave your man to help another defender. That’s what good defenses do, that’s what the Miami Heat do (2nd in overall defense last year with far less skilled players than they’ll have this year). No, the Suns can’t win championships cause they dont play defense. The Heat will win a championship cause they PLAY defense. Having a sub-part center does not make a team ineligible to be a good defensive team (that’s why both Charlotte and Oklahoma City were top-10 defenses last year). My inclusion of the wing players and the reference to Team USA was to show how two defensively minded all-stars can affect the course of a game on the defensive end… which undoubtedly they will.

      I can’t even follow your reasoning from there on out, but really Boston’s defense is no where close to where it used to be two years ago. I saw easy layup after layup in the playoffs and only in rare situations did they buckle down completely. Sheed is gone and replaced with JO, and I won’t even bother to look up his stats this past offseason for fear of taking a ride on the porcelain bus.

      And I wish you would have countered with actual not-“terrible” arguments, so I could feel I was having a conversation with an intellectual equal, and not Mark Cuban’s illegitmiate child…

  7. While Ray Allen and the rest of the Celtics played a tough series, you don’t seem to take into account that Kobe was playing through multiple injuries, including a broken finger, which forced him to change the way he releases the ball when going for a shot midway through the season, when he was used to shooting a certain way his whole career. This is an amazing feat, and shows that Kobe is the best player currently in the league. I’m not the one who said it, some guy named Michael Jordan is the one who did.

    Anyhow I still doubt Miami will make it out of the East this year. I think after last year, the Celtics will be very hungry to make it back.. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  8. As a Lakers fan I am just glad Miami has the bullseye on their back now instead of the Lakers. I watch every single game and I am amazed at how many of the NBA’s awful teams play so great against L.A. That is going to be the case now for Miami and trust me it takes a toll on these guys because every night they have to play alot harder than the rest of the league.

    I hate Boston but they earned my respect after that 7 game series in the Finals. These guys have been getting counted out for the past 2 years. They are tough in the paint…NO LAYUPS IN THE PLAYOFFS!

    Until the Heat Circus wins a damn thing, don’t tell me about Lebron predicting 7 Championships when he doesn’t even have one. Michael Jordan probably thinks of him as a damn fool now.

    Good luck with Boston, Orlando, & Chicago.

    Road to Threepeat!!!

    Kobe & Co. await your arrival at the Champions Court.

  9. Look with Ilgauskas following Lebron, Pittman from Texas and resigning Joel Anthony, Pat Riley (or Spoelstra… who knows who’s actually in control?) has done the best he could of an uncomfortable circumstance. They aren’t teeming with talent at the 5 position but I think this is a great big step in the right direction. With Haslem being the only Heat player that has played consistently in recent memory re-signed and Mike Miller as our designated sharp shooter, I think we have a shot within the next three years.

    But I stand by my last point: Championships are hard to win. You have teams FULL of talent that are fully capable of beating the Heat and one unlucky (or I guess 4) bounce or one bad adjustment and we lose to the Magic, Bulls, Hawks, Bucks, Suns, Spurs, Lakers, etc. I think like with any sport or art, a certain amount of luck is involved in the process of going all the way.


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